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  • Kinder- & Teenskurse: Infos hier
  • Sonntag, 03.07.
  • Contemp./Modern GK/I 13.00h (Mathias): entfällt – wieder ab 17.07.
  • Montag, 04.07.:
  • Kinderballett 16.00h: Laurence
  • Barre Work 18.30h: Maria
  • Pilates Allegro 19.35h (Sandra): entfällt
  • WORKSHOP mit JACK WALDAS:  ORGANIC BALLET am Sonntag, 03.07.2022 > Infos hier

“Organic Ballet” WITH JACK WALDAS, SONNTAG, 3. Juli, 14:30-17:15

€50 Euro (bis 30.06.: €45) – Anmeldung über „Fitogram“ oder direkt im TPM oder

Organic Ballet Workshop: “breathing dance to life”


Ballet, as with all forms of dance, is first and foremost an affirmation of life.
It is an immediate, physical experience of being alive. This vitality is both
expressed and perceived via inspiration – a mysterious upliftment, a
momentary awakening to the force of life. It is the radiance of the breath
that opens our body-mind-being to this heightened awareness and
“breathes” our dancing to life. This is not an abstract philosophy, but rather
the practice of the art-form, accessible through the process of applied

In this workshop you will learn:

> to connect with your sense of organic movement in ballet, to dance with more ease and joy

> how to implement the breath for greater coordination, technique, power, smoothness, sensitivity, inspiration and pleasure of movement

> discover what may be hindering you in this process and what to do about it

> how all of the above can inspire your movement and life creativity

> learn a choreographic sequence in which you can embody and delight in the above qualities

The workshop format will include short explanations of the theory, individual
assistance, a ballet-like class, learning and exercising a choreographic sequence, and time for questions, answers and feedback.

Tanzen für Jeden und jedes Alter…

Kurse für Anfänger bis Profis – für Kinder und Erwachsene – für jung bis alt – jeder ist willkommen.

Jazz Dance, Modern Dance / Contemporary, Ballett, Afro Brazil, Hip Hop/Street Style, Pilates, Barre Work, Zumba, Salsation, Reggaeton, Dance Workout, Gyrokinesis®, Yoga, Floor Barre


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